F32 Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

I am a clinical psychologist and a NRSA (National Research Service Award) postdoctoral research fellow. I earned a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Arizona State University and completed an American Psychological Association-accredited clinical psychology internship at the Yale School of Medicine. My broad research interest lies in understanding the psychobiological mechanisms of development of and coping with chronic pain and substance use disorders, as well as their treatment and prevention. Specifically, my program of research employs psychological and neurobiological markers, pharmacological agents, and cutting-edge statistical methods to (1) advance understanding of individual differences in pain processing, coping, and adjustment; (2) identify clinical targets for prevention of substance use disorder and relapse; and (3) assess risks and therapeutic benefits of cannabis/cannabinoids.

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F32 project within the Knee Osteoarthritis Study

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