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Research Program Coordinator

Liza graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in May 2022 with a BS in chemistry as well as a BS in psychology. At VCU, she gained a variety of research experience, starting with Spit for Science Lab, where she was an undergraduate research assistant. With her fellow RAs, she analyzed survey data to determine whether there was a correlation between sleep and alcohol consumption during the pandemic in college students. She presented her findings at the CUDCP Diversifying Clinical Psychology conference. Also at Spit for Science lab, she also did an independent study where she investigated the relationship between drinking to

cope, family history, and depression in college students. At VCU, she was also a student RA at the Deployment Experiences and Health Study, which focused on mental health outcomes, alcohol use disorder (AUD), and PTSD in veterans. Additionally, she was an undergraduate research assistant at the Sensorimotor Performance and Rehabilitation Engineering Lab at VCU, where she worked on studies concerning proprioception and fine motor skill development in infants and young children. What Liza enjoys most about research is the way that it can impact people's lives through new discoveries. In the future, she hopes to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology and conduct research about AUD. 


Click on the links below to learn about Liza's current projects:

Sleep & Medication Use in Back Pain

Contact Information


Phone Number: 410-550-6240

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