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Senior Research Program Coordinator

As a graduate of Dickinson College, Rachel received a BS in Neuroscience and a BA in Psychology while conducting her own independent research exploring mirror neurons and their role in theory of mind. Prior to graduating, she researched pediatric traumatic brain injuries in the Division of Pediatric Neuropsychology at The Children’s National Medical Center. Then in 2019, she began working at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in the Neurology/PM&R Division focusing primarily on stroke research. She is currently pursuing her Master of Health Science degree with a concentration in Integrative Health and Wellness at The University of Maryland, while running her own fitness training business in her down time. What Rachel loves most about research is the feeling of contribution that both subjects and administrators feel toward promoting a greater, common good.


Click on the links below to learn about Rachel's current projects:

Sleep Disruption & Drug Response

Contact Information


Phone Number: 410-550-9058

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