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Lauren McEachin


Research Program Coordinator

Lauren graduated Cum Laude from Wake Forest University in May 2023 with an honors B.A. in Sociology concentrating in the Social Determinants of Health and Well-Being with double minors in Biology and Bioethics, Humanities, and Medicine. Throughout Lauren’s education she has learned about healthcare disparities in vulnerable populations and developed a passion for both equity and justice within the healthcare system. At WFU, Lauren accompanied her Sociology professor as an undergraduate research assistant for a project examining the relationship between a parent and their child’s pediatrician. This project focused on how a 

parent’s social identity impacted their expectations, wishes, and goals for interactions between their child and the pediatrician. What Lauren enjoys most about research is collaborating with peers, finding new discoveries, and improving the quality of life for individuals seeking help with their health concerns. She is excited to delve further into research as a part of the Behavioral Medicine Research Lab at Hopkins! In the future, Lauren aspires to become a Pediatric physician specializing in neonatal care with a focus on urban healthcare.

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Contact Information


Phone Number: 410-340-1056

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